Types of condensers

There two general types of condensers:

Vertical condenser
Downflow vertical condenser: The vapor enters at the top of condenser and flows down inside tubes. The condensate drains from the tubes by gravity and vapor induced shear (Figure 1.7). Upflow vertical condenser: In case of upflow condenser, the vapor enters at the bottom and flows upwards inside the tubes. The condensate drains down the tubes by gravity only.

fig 1 9 - Types of condensers

Horizontal condenser
The condensation may occur inside or outside the horizontal tubes (Figure 1.8). Condensation in the tube-side is common in air-cooled condensers. The main disadvantage of this type of condenser is that the liquid tends to build up in the tubes. Therefore the effective heat transfer co-efficient is reduced significantly.

fig 1 10 - Types of condensers