Flow Splitting

Flow splitting is sometimes a problem in networks and in multiple bundle services with parallel branches. Flow splitting can always be controlled with valves, but that wastes pumping power and is undesirable. Flow splitting in treated cooling tower ater systems has been a problem due to oversizing some condensers and throttling water flow for control, or designing different services with different numbers of bundles in series and with large differences in design pressure drop.

Throttling treated cooling tower water is always undesirable, as discussed in Section 310. All water cooler services in a particular circulating system should be designed with the same overall pressure drop and unrestricted water flow whenever possible.

Splitting two-phase streams has been a problem when the piping is not symmetrical, even though care was taken to balance pressure drops in parallel paths. Reliable two-phase flow splitting is accomplished by splitting both branches along the same axis and at right angles to the original combined stream in a standard pipe tee, and designing for equal pressure drop in each branch.

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