Carboxylic Acid Recovery Process by GTC Technology

Application: The GT-CAR recovery process combines GTC’s liquid-liquid extraction technology with distillation to recover and concentrate carboxylic acids from wastewater. Using a high-boiling solvent enables the process to attain the lowest energy use of any commercially available process with minimal capital costs. The recovered acids have sufficient purity to be sold as glacial grade or recycled back to the process. The biological oxygen demand (BOD) of the resulting wastewater stream is greatly reduced. The process is economical for any aqueous stream generated in the production of dimethyl terephthalate (DMT), acetic acid, pulp/paper, furfural and other processes.

pic1 81 - Carboxylic Acid Recovery Process by GTC Technology

Process description: Acid-containing aqueous stream is fed to an extraction column, which operates using a proprietary, phosphine oxidebased solvent, highly selective to carboxylic acids. The acid-rich solvent stream is carried overhead from the extraction column for regeneration. In the two-stage regeneration step, surplus water is removed (dehydration) and the acids are recovered by acid stripping. The solvent is routed back to the extraction column for reuse. Final processing of the concentrated acids is determined on a plant-by-plant basis. The treated wastewater stream, containing acid levels on the order of