Renewable JET Fuel

At the end of last October, euglena Co. (Tokyo, Japan; completed the construction of Japan’s first demonstration plant for the production of renewable jet and diesel fuel in Yokohama. The S58-million pilot plant, located at the company’s Yokohama site, has a production capacity of 5 barrels per day (bbl/d; about 125,000 IVyr) of renewable liquid fuels, using the Biofuels isoconversion Process (BIC). Euglena expects to supply a next-generation renewable diesel fuel this summer, and to achieve revenue-generating flights with renewable jet fuel in 2020. On this project, euglena is collaborating with the City of Yokohama, Chiyoda Corp., Itochu Enex Co.. Isuzu Motors Ltd.. ANA Holdings Inc., and Hiroshima Council for the Promotion of Collaboration between Government, Academia and the Automobile Industry.

The demonstration plant will begin full-scale operation in spring 2019 and begin producing renewable jet and diesel fuel using Euglena, microaigae and waste cooking oil as raw material.

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